How to Fill Cremation Jewelry

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How Do you Fill Cremation Jewelry

When you receive your keepsakes we did not want you to be confused about filling cremation jewelry with your loved ones remains.

The following will help you understand how to fill our own cremation jewelry.  When you are done finding the product you desire you will receive your product and perform another loving act for your loved one by filling cremation jewelry on your own.

Filling Cremation Jewelry

Things you will need for your cremation jewelry process, screwdriver or similar tool, super glue, filler kit, wax paper/something similar, toothpick, and cremated ashes of loved one.  Here are the following steps of how to fill cremation jewelry and the answer to how do you fill cremation jewelry.

  1. Find the cap on your jewelry. Get a screwdriver, or similar tool, and take the cap off to prepare and fill your own cremation jewelry.
  2. Your jewelry will only hold a small amount of ashes. Grab the funnel in your filler kit and make sure there are no bulk pieces within the remains; if there are big pieces it can clog the funnel.
  3. When the small batch of ashes has funneled through with a few times passing through the funnel you are ready for step 4 for filling cremation jewelry.
  4. Place the funnel into jewelry and funnel cremated ashes into the jewelry. If funnel gets clogged grab toothpick and gently poke to unclog funnel. 
    1. Be careful because jewelry may actually be full, and funnel may not be clogged when filling cremation jewelry.
    2. Make sure to leave enough room in jewelry to screw the cap back on.
  5. When cremated ashes are in keepsake jewelry begin to screw cap on but place a dab of super glue on the inside of the screw before sealing.
    1. Quickly get a napkin to wipe off possible excess glue.
    2. Allow time to dry before use. Sometimes cap is on the bottom of keepsake jewelry, due to this, care and time are needed.  
  6. And this is how you fill your own cremation jewelry and how you can help others with filling cremation jewelry on your own.

We hope that the question of “how to fill your cremation jewelry” was answered for you here. 

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