Uroboros Snake Cremation Jewelry

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Cremation Jewelry Uroboros Snake

Cremation ouroboros snake jewelry is here.  We have added snake ouroboros cremation jewelry.  We have cremation snake ouroboros jewelry.  Just what you have been searching for.  We have many options and collections found on our site.  We are glad to present the ouroboros snake jewelry that has finally made it here for you.  Cremation jewelry ouroboros is unique as the story is said to be told the ouroboros snake eats it’s own tail to make this circle to show the cycle of death, rebirth, and the tail of life over again.  Cremation ouroboros snake jewelry represents the eternity of life and that it continues through a cycle.  The skin on the snake ouroboros cremation jewelry represents the transition of souls to another place to continue to live.  The cremation snake ouroboros jewelry can be interpreted in whatever way you desire to.  In this way, the ouroboros snake is unique and fits well to memorialize those who have passed.  This pendant is made of stainless steel and comes in gold and silver with black.

Cremation Uroboros Snake Jewelry, Product description: 

Item Type: Ouroboros Snake Cremation Jewelry, Cremation Jewelry Ouroboros Snake - Pendant Size: about 20mm- Pendant Style: Snake Ouroboros Cremation Jewelry, Cremation Snake Ouroboros Jewelry - Chain Color: Silver, Gold - Chain Style: Snake Chain