Cremation Jewelry Rings

Hundreds of years ago personal rings kept of deceased loved ones, along with other pieces of jewelry including lockets of hair, were used to comfort and keep special memories close to loved ones.  Here we are all about jewelry designed to keep loved ones ashes safe and secure.  Regardless of your choice in jewelry cremation jewelry rings is unique and newer to the niche of cremation jewelry.  Thus, we are proud to announce rings have been added to our collections. 

Cremation Rings Jewelry

Allow yourself a special kind of ring jewelry that holds cremated remains.  We encourage all to use glue for metals to seal the cap on the jewelry of your choice.  However, regardless of what jewelry whether a necklace, ring or mini urn you should be aware jewelry is not intended to get wet.  We at MiniMemorials consider these rings unique but caution should be noted as washing of the hands can make this piece more susceptible. 

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