Urn Necklace for Men

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Here you can find an urn necklace for men.  Allow yourself to consider how you can best honor your beloved.  Your choice in jewelry can come down to their character and personality.  We admin on the market as a whole there are not so many options for men.  However, this sleep cylinder design with crocodile mimic style skin is a great option for those searching for jewelry pieces for men.  We understand how difficult your adventure will be.  However, We would like to point out this is not a piece only for men; it can be adjusted for women or those who, in general, prefer this style.  We simply label these in a way that will likely increase your ability to find what you need.  In this way, this is your urn necklace for men or for women depending on how you choose to view this page. 

Men Urn Necklace, Product Description:

Item Type: Urn That Holds Cremated Remains  - Metals Type: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Iron Alloy - Necklace Type: Urn Necklace for Men - Pendant Size: 30MM - Chain Type: Snake Chain - Weight: 18g