Glass House Cremation Jewelry

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This item is a house that holds the remains of a loved one.  It has two glass panels: one in the front and one in the back.  A brick house represents strength, stability, protection, safety, and home. It is especially meaningful when the beloved person who has passed away is central to the home, and the home feels empty without them.  Insertion of ashes in this cremation ashes glass jewelry is from the base. Also, glass house cremation jewelry comes in 4 different colors: gold, silver, black, and rose gold.  It is neither too small nor too big and can be worn by anyone.  At first sight, a house cremation ashes glass jewelry can seem like an unusual and not necessarily popular shape for a pendant but its symbolism is powerful.

Cremation Ashes Glass Jewelry Pendant, Product Description:

Item Type: Glass House Cremation Jewelry - Pendant Material: Stainless Steel – Pendant Size: 30mm - Pendant Capacity: 1 Cubic Inch