Flower Bracelet Cremation Jewelry

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A bracelet with a flower pendant attached that holds cremated remains can be found here.  The flower appears to look like a daffodil flower which symbolizes new beginnings.  This does not mean you or another are starting over.  It means this new chapter in your life is a new start and changes have occurred willingly or unwillingly.  This is a time for you and others for growth, learning, and understanding.  Flower bracelet cremation jewelry can be perfect for you as you represent this proudly.  Your new beginning could be to let go but never forget.  Your chosen jewelry can help you hold on to dear memories.  

Bracelet Cremation Jewelry with Flower, Product Description:

Item Type: Flower Bracelet That Holds Remains – Urn Color:  Silver with Gold – Urn Material: Stainless Steel - Style:  Flower Bracelet Cremation Jewelry