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FAQ Page:


How does cremation jewelry work?

  • Order the product you desire. Make sure you have a filling kit (use hyperlink).  Upon arrival in the mail open package and grab product.  Each product has a piece that appears like a screw.  This is a filling cap.  This filling cap needs to be taken out of product.  Use filling kit to carefully funnel in cremation ashes; little is required for most products.  When ashes have been placed begin to screw in filling cap and use super glue, only a dab to seal, and screw filling cap on tightly.  Use napkin to clean up remaining super glue on product. For additional help check out you tube's suggested videos.

How to return a product?

Why is my packaging all weird and not consistent?

  • We are working on finding packaging to best represent our company. Due to this our packaging will vary from order to order.