Lifetime Warranty

What is the warranty on my jewelry?

What a wonderful question.  Here at MiniMemorials we strive to be honest and upfront about our products and services.  We have a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.  If at anytime there appear to be manufacturing defects we will replace your item free of charge excluding shipping.  To claim your warranty is simple contact us at with a picture of your manufacturing defect along with your name and purchase date and we will provide further information on your return.

What if my warranty applies but what I purchased is no Longer in stock?

We want to provide you as much options as possible in your replacement as we know loss of a loved one is difficult enough.  Here are our options:

  1. Replace your item with the same item your purchased.
  2. If your item is not available you may chose an item on our website of similar value.

What the lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Not caring for your jewelry in a proper manor. For example, improper cleaning, using chemicals that causes discoloration of the surface of the jewelry.
  • Prongs of jewelry that hold stones are bent due to missus of jewelry or not providing proper care for jewelry.  This can cause stones to fall out.
  • Bands of jewelry are bent due to force or missus of jewelry.
  • Scratches or dings due to improper care or missus of jewelry.  
  • Rust or water damage unless jewelry is marked as "water safe" or "water resistant" jewelry. 

Please Note:

  • We can only provide a one time replacement on the original order.

We desire the best for you and yours and always strive for integrity, honesty, and sincerity.  If you have any questions about our warranty please contact us at (801) 901-0422.  We are currently working on free information to help you provide best for your jewelry and we will set the link on this page.