Flying Angel Cremation Jewelry

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Looking for a beautiful angel piece that holds cremated remains?  You have found the best site to provide you with what you are looking for.  Angel’s are considered to be messengers sent from God to help during times of difficulty.  This help can be received through words or a simple blessing of kindness.  Your loved one may have been an angel themselves.  The interpretation of flying angel cremation jewelry is left for you to decide.  We strive to find pieces to help you in your grieving process to eventually let go but never forget.

Cremation Jewelry Flying Angel, Product Description: 

Item Type: Flying Angel Necklace That Holds Cremated Ashes - Pendant Color:  Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold - Pendant Material: Stainless Steel - Pendant Size: About 3/4th of an Inch - Pendant Style: Flying Angel Cremation Jewelry - Chain Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold - Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Snake Chain