Sea Turtle Cremation Jewelry

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Although it does not look like it, this pendant is designed to hold the cremated ashes of loved ones who have passed away.  In some cultures, the sea turtle is regarded as a symbol of transition between different worlds.  In these circumstances, such a lovely symbolism gives a different perspective on life and death.  Insertion of ashes is fairly easy and it is done by removing a small screw on the underbelly of the turtle and then seal with super glue.  This sea turtle cremation jewelry is overall a great pendant and has a Pacific Island look but it is also discreet as a piece of jewelry so the wearer does not have to talk about its significance if they do not wish to.  Sometimes, grieving is simply a personal journey.

Cremation Jewelry Sea Turtle, Product Description:

Item Type: Sea Turtle Cremation Jewelry - Pendant Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold - Material:  Stainless Steel - Chain Style:  Snake Chain