Clear Cremation Jewelry

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Cremation Jewelry Clear

Searching for cremation jewelry that’s clear?  Cremation clear jewelry found here.  Clear spiral cremation jewelry is found on this sire.  Many find comfort with their jewelry options.  Clear cremation jewelry has a modern yet simple design and comes in different colors.  Cremation jewelry clear is a pendant with a protective metal spiral which can be removed to insert ashes. Because it is cremation jewelry that’s clear it’s easier to view inserted ashes.  However, cremation clear jewelry is a simple design with a spiral. The spiral is an ancient and sacred symbol across civilizations and the ages, representing concepts such as growth and changes in life, which makes it unique. Clear spiral cremation jewelry comes in gold, silver, black, and rose gold.  Clear cremation jewelry pendant and chain come in stainless steel jewelry. 

Cremation Jewelry That’s Clear, Product Description:

Item Type: Clear Cremation Jewelry, Cremation Jewelry Clear - Metal: Stainless Steel – Pendant Size: 12-45mm – Chain size: 22 inches - Pendant Style: Cremation Clear Jewelry, Clear Spiral Cremation Jewelry