Teddy Bear Cremation Jewelry

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The teddy bear can bring to mind innocents or a time when things were innocent.  You may choose to interpret the teddy bear as a piece of jewelry to remind you of a loved one who has passed.  The loved one you think could be a young one or someone who reminds you of your childhood.  Teddy bear cremation jewelry is a precious piece due to its representation.  We have a saying to let go but never forget.  We hope you find comfort and strength regardless of the choice you make in jewelry.  

Cremation Jewelry Teddy Bear, Product Description: 

 Item Type:  Teddy Bear Necklace That Holds Cremated Ashes - Pendant Color:  Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black- Pendant Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium- Pendant Size: 25mm- Pendant Style: Teddy Bear Cremation Jewelry - Chain Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black - Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Snake Chain