Dog Urn Necklace

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Here you can find an urn necklace for your dog.  Loss is hard and difficult, especially for an innocent that only helped you through your journey and stood as constant support.  Many chose to keep their beloved dog's ashes in dog urn necklace options.  We have a piece that is simple and represents a mini urn so you can carry it with you always and find comfort with a simple touch.  Many find comfort with their choice of jewelry.  Take a look at our collections as we continue to expand our products.

Urn Necklace for Dog, Product Description:

Item Type: Dog Necklace Pendant that Holds Cremated Remains - Necklace Type: Dog Urn Necklace - Pendant Size: 20-45mm - Material: Stainless steel - Pendant weight: 10-30g - Chain style: Snake chain - Chain Type: Snake Chain - Chain size: 1.5mm * 22 inches - Pendant color: Silver and black