Dragon Bullet Cremation Jewelry

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This piece shows both character and style.  Some choose their keepsake to represent the personality or character of a loved one who has passed.  Others chose their jewelry to best fit their lifestyle or the occasion.  Our bullet jewelry, as shown here, commonly detaches around the bullet shell.  When your dragon bullet cremation jewelry arrives, you will fill this with your loved one’s ashes to keep them close to you during hard times. This attractive piece is only one option of many we have within our store.  Many will choose this item and many others to fit their way of life for laid back occasions or more formal occasions.  Take a look at our other options for a variety for your lifestyle.

Cremation Jewelry Dragon Bullet, Product Description:

Pendant Size: 20-45mm - Pendant Material: Stainless Steel - Pendant Style: Dragon Bullet Cremation Jewelry - Chain Type: Snake Chain