Family Urn Necklace

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Family Urn Necklace

Here you can find urn necklace family pieces. Urn family necklace pieces are solid black with different names addressed to loved ones who have passed. What a wonderful way to express affection to those who have passed. Along with the pendant to hold ashes a black chain is used to complement the piece. Family urn necklace is a way for you to keep your beloved close to you at all times.

Urn Necklace Family

Allow yourself to help you to let go but never forget. You have the opportunity to have them close to you always with family urn necklace piece of your choice. Although this piece may not be as conspicuous as others found on urn family necklace is still a great piece to have your beloved close to you during hard times within the vicissitudes of life.

Urn Family Necklace, Product Description:

Metals Type: Stainless Steel - Necklace Type: Urn necklace family - Color: Black - Item Type: Family Urn Necklace - Material: Metal - Size: About 30mm x 9mm - Size: 1.6mm(1/8") - Necklace- Link Chain Necklace Separate Cost - Necklace Style- Link Chain Black 55cm Long