Silver Heart Cremation Jewelry Bracelet

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There are many different ways to commemorate those who have passed.  Some use small memorials like jewelry or urns.  However,  on our site, we have included bracelets.  Other forms of jewelry that hold cremated ashes are more common.  However, silver heart cremation jewelry bracelet has been added.  This unique way can be easier to touch or look at with no one to notice you are considering old fond memories or seeking comfort.  This is a different unique way to help you through the grieving process by helping you let go but never forget.  The writing on this bracelet is open for interpretation as you choose the right piece of jewelry for you.  

Silver Bracelet Cremation Jewelry with a Heart, Product Description:

Item Type:  Silver Heart Bracelet - Color: Silver - Material: Stainless Steel - Bracelet Style:  Silver Heart Cremation Jewelry Bracelet - Chain Style: Link with Lobster Clasp - Words: "She Believed She Could so She Did", "Love"