American Cylinder Cremation Jewelry

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Here you can find a piece of America.  We strive to find pieces that will add character and personality to your choice of jewelry.  It can help to express who your loved one was while they are being commemorated every day.  Every day you can receive comfort and hold on to fond memories with your choice of American cylinder cremation jewelry.  You have the choice to choose who your loved one was while searching for the perfect piece from our collections.  We hope to help you let go but never forget as you move through your grieving process.  This piece is a great way to memorialize those who have passed while having a small pinch or more near to you always.  This pendant comes in silver stainless steel. 

Cremation Jewelry American Cylinder

Function: Pendant that Holds Cremated Ashes - Pendant Style: American Cylinder Cremation Jewelry - Chain Style: Snake Chain