Cremation Jewelry for Children

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Children are precious.  It is difficult to make a product description for this purpose.  Yet, we are aware of losses such as these happen.  Whether it’s sudden like an accident or known for a time like cancer the loss is similar in difficulty.  With cremation jewelry for children, you are able to focus on what this means for you and your loved one while knowing this piece can help you with your loss.  This new loss will be difficult and we know this is a difficult time for you and yours.  With your chosen jewelry you can rest assured as others have found comfort with a touch.  

Children’s Cremation Jewelry, Product Description:

Item Type: Child Heart Necklace - Pendant Color: Silver - Pendant Material: Stainless Steel - Pendant Size: About 3/4th of an Inch - Pendant Style: Precious Child Cremation Jewelry - Chain Color: Silver - Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Snake Chain