Cremation Jewelry for Firefighter

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Did you know someone who was a firefighter who has passed away?  Firefighter cremation jewelry could be a great way to memorialize your loved one.  The insignia printed here holds the symbol for firefighters and it’s intended to honor and uphold the values they stand for including saving lives.  Many chose this piece because it represents a career or a love for firefighting.  Regardless of your reason, many find comfort and strength as they are able to let go and never forget.  We understand how sudden your loss may have been and if it was not we still offer our condolences.  

Firefighter Cremation Jewelry, Product Description:

Item Type: Firefighter Necklace That Holds Cremated Remains - Pendant Color:  Silver and Black - Pendant Material: Stainless Steel - Pendant Size: about 10-20mm- Pendant Style:  Cremation Jewelry for Firefighter - Chain Color: Silver - Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Snake Chain