Ying-Yang Cremation Jewelry

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Looking for yin-yang jewelry that holds cremated remains?  You have found the right site for your search.  It is said the yin and the yang are two opposing forces in nature.  The yin represents water and the yang represents fire.  Each pull at each other while yin is flexible and expanding yang is dynamic and pulls together.  This can be a great symbolism for the classic phrase opposites attract in relationships.  You may have had a partner who appeared to be your opposite in nature.  Your love could have had a clear yin and yang.  We have a saying to let go but never forget.

Cremation Jewelry Yin-Yang, Product Description: 

Item Type:  Ying-Yang Necklace That Holds Remains of Loved Your Loved one - Pendant Color:  Silver with Ying Yang Symbol- Pendant Material: Stainless Steel - Pendant Size: 20mm- Pendant Style:  Ying-Yang Cremation Jewelry - Chain Color: Silver - Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Snake Chain