Love Pill Cremation Jewelry

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Yes!  We understand this is an unusual find.  However, this pill sincerely represents love.  One might think of a song that when looking at his pill with love in it.  Some pills are hard to swallow but this pill is intended to help you swallow the vicissitudes of life.  In this way, love pill cremation jewelry is just for you.  If you have a sense of humor or have a special connection with a loved one who has passed in this way.  We have added this piece to you.  We understand how difficult this new chapter in life can be for you and those around you.  We intend for this piece to help you let go but never forget.  Many have found comfort and peace with their chosen items.

Cremation Jewelry Love, Product Description:

Item Type: Love Pill Cremation Jewelry, Function: Hold Cremated Ashes, Pendant Material: Zinc Alloy, Chain Type: Link Chain