Guitar Cremation Jewelry

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Guitar shaped cremation jewelry comes in an assortment of four different colors which are gold, rose gold, silver, and silver-black.  These proportions make this piece ideal because it is not too small for its purpose.  In order to insert the ashes of the beloved person who has passed away, open at the base of the guitar cremation jewelry.  But it is perfect as a keepsake to preserve the memory of someone who loved playing the guitar.  It is also great for the wearer who likes playing guitar.  Wearing musical instruments including guitar cremation jewelry is an awesome way to keep someone’s memory alive not only at home but also in the musical family as a whole.

Guitar Shaped Cremation Jewelry, Product Description:

Item Type: Guitar Cremation Jewelry - Pendant Size: 20-40mm, Metal Type: Stainless Steel, Chain Type: Snake Chain, Weight: about 03-0.5 Kg