Owl Urn Necklace

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This gorgeous urn necklace of owl sits on a branch contemplating lives hidden mysteries.  Owls represent wisdom and endless time.  Your chosen piece is stuck in time holding precious remains of beloved ashes.  Your owl urn necklace is good to represent your beloved and how they live one.  Your urn necklace of owl can help you let go but never forget the good or the bad times.  Keepsakes of this kind can be helpful for you to process your loss and help with the grieving process.  One way is to remember with a look.  Another is to be comforted with a touch.  Take the path of many and find your piece of jewelry for cremated ashes today. 

Urn Necklace of Owl, Product Description:  (Two Week Shipping)

Style: Owl Urn Necklace - Amount of Ashes Held: Less than One Cubic Inch - Pendant Color: Silver - Material: Stainless Steel & Crystal Accents - Chain: Silver Link