Glass Cloverleaf Cremation Jewelry

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This clear glass depiction of a cloverleaf holds cremated ashes.  There is a stopper to hold the cremated ashes in; it’s recommended to use super glue as a seal on this piece of jewelry.  Although delicate this piece is a fashionable piece of jewelry to take during formal occasions and dress.  Glass cloverleaf cremation jewelry is a wonderful conversation starter.  Why would you want to start a conversation about this kind of unique jewelry?  Many find our pieces to help them during difficult times with a remembrance through a glance or comfort through a touch.  You can find peace by letting go but never forgetting what you have and what you have had.  

Cremation Jewelry Glass Cloverleaf, Product Description:

Item Type: Necklace - Pendant Color:  Silver - Pendant Material: Zinc Alloy, Copper, Glass - Pendant Style: Glass Cloverleaf Cremation Jewelry - Chain Color: Silver, Clear- Chain Material: Stainless Steel - Chain Style: Chain Link