Cremation Jewelry Filler Kit

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Cremation Jewelry Filler Kit

This filler kit is used to fill keepsake jewelry with loved one's cremated remains.  The process is rather easy and simple with just a few steps, care, and the right tools you have what you need.  Consider this last step to be an act of service for your loved one as you gently place their ashes and prepare them to be by your side every day.  With your cremation jewelry filler kit, you can perform an act of service.  Please click here for help with the needed items and how to use the filler kit.

Filler Kit Cremation Jewelry, Product Description:

Function: Aid in Placing Loved One’s Cremated Remains into Personal Chosen Jewelry - Material: Stainless Steel - Item Length: About 1cm - Item Width: About 1cm - Item Diameter: About 1cm - Item Weight: About 3g - Cremation Jewelry Filler Kit

*Cremation jewelry in the image is not included. Used as reference purposes only.