Crystal Sunflower Cremation Jewelry

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Crystal Sunflower Cremation Jewelry

Sunflower crystal cremation jewelry is found here.  Cremation sunflower crystal jewelry is a lovely piece representing many different things in various cultures.  It represents; strength, loyalty, admiration, good luck, lasting happiness, and more.  Why does it stand for admiration and loyalty?  The Greeks observed how the sunflower followed the sun as a symbol of loyalty and admiration.  Crystal sunflower cremation jewelry is a wonderful piece to represent those who have passed away.  

Sunflower Crystal Cremation Jewelry 

Cremation sunflower crystal jewelry can be used inconspicuously while out and about to have your beloved close to you always.  It can be a wonderful conversational piece but you get to choose if others know what it contains.  We have a goal to help you let go but never forget.  With your piece of crystal sunflower cremation jewelry this can be possible with additional comfort with a touch. 

Cremation Sunflower Crystal Jewelry, Product Description: 

Metals Type: Aluminum Alloy - Necklace Type: Sunflower Cremation Jewelry - Chain Type: O-Link - Material: Metal - Pendant Style: Sunflower Crystal Cremation Jewelry Pendant Size: 5.5cm x 2.8cm