Water Drop Cremation Jewelry

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This delightful piece has a glass bulb that is partly covered with two metal leaves for protection and opens in order to access the bulb, which is where the ashes of a beloved person is preserved. The theme of this collectible piece is water.  Across civilizations and throughout the ages water is recognized for its healing properties and represents purity, life, and birthing.  What a beautiful and special symbolism for water drop cremation jewelry.  This piece is made of glass and metal and comes in the following assortment: silver metal with pink glass, silver metal with clear glass, silver with purple glass, rose gold metal with pink glass, rose gold metal with clear glass, and rose gold metal with purple glass.

Water Cremation Jewelry Drop, Product Description:

Item Type: Water Drop Cremation Jewelry - Pendant Size: 31mmx18mm - Pendant Metal Type: Zinc Alloy, Copper - Chain Type: Link Chain