Comprehensive and personalized packages to guide you and your family through every aspect of your college admissions process.


  • 10 hours of one-on-one admissions coaching
  • Essay editing for 2 college applications and personal statement
  • Personal Admissions Expert


  • 20+ hours of one-on-one admissions coaching (based on grade level)
  • Essay editing for 6 college applications and personal statement
  • Personal Admissions Expert with 2+ years of experience


  • 30+ hours of one-on-one admissions coaching (based on grade level)
  • Essay editing for 9 college applications and personal statement
  • Personal Admissions Expert with 2+ years of experience
  • Former College Admissions Officer

Ivy Plus

  • 40+ hours of one-on-one admissions coaching (based on grade level)
  • Essay editing for 12 college applications and personal statement
  • Personal Admissions Expert with 2+ years of experience
  • Former College Admissions Officer

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Premium Elite Platinum Ivy Plus
1-on-1 Video Chat Hours 10 20+ 30+ 40+
Personal Admissions Coach
Former College Admissions Officer
Network of Students and Alumni
ACT/SAT Test Prep Partnership
Offline Essay Edits & Reviews
Applications Supported for Essay Editing 2 6 9 12
Our advising network includes 300+ Admissions Officers and Admissions Experts. Our team of former Admissions Officers have years of experience working inside the admissions and financial aid departments of 100+ colleges and universities across the nation. In other words, they know what makes a college application successful! They work directly with students, offering insider knowledge on how colleges review applications and how you can maximize your potential. Our Admissions Experts are either graduates or current high-achieving students from top universities. They offer firsthand information about student life at your prospective schools, how they stood out in their own college applications, and the changing admissions landscape. Each advisor brings their unique experience to the advising process. They will help you turn the stressful admissions process into a positive experience centered around growth, learning, and self-reflection.
The average student-to-guidance-counselor ratio is 1:464, and most students don’t get the support they need during the admissions process. At, we provide students with one-on-one guidance throughout the admissions process from our team of highly qualified experts. We help you make the right choice at every critical juncture—from which test to take, to what essay topic to choose, to which extracurriculars to pursue. With support from our team of experts, our students submit strong applications that stand out at the most selective schools in the nation.
We support accessibility in higher education and realize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to finding the right school. Not every student wants to attend an Ivy League university. Whatever schools are on your list, we will support you throughout the admissions process and offer crucial guidance if you’re not quite sure where you’d like to attend college. While we are known for our success in Ivy League admissions, we strive to maximize each student’s potential and make their personal admissions journey a success.
You will schedule your video calls with your advisor over Zoom at whatever time works for you, whether that be on a regular schedule or an as-needed basis. During your essay process, you will work with your advisor to brainstorm topics, develop your thoughts, and begin the drafting process. When you submit a draft, your advisor will return your essay with in-line suggestions, detailed comments, and a Scorecard that mirrors the tactics that Admissions Officers use to evaluate students.
We offer a powerful web app at that allows you to research schools, manage and track your applications, and view your deadlines all in one place. We also offer a wide variety of free college admissions content on our website and blog. Additionally, each month, hosts a webinar series featuring 8-15 webinars on a particular topic related to college admissions. You may also view the recordings of over 300+ past webinars online at or check out our blog for essay guides, sample essays, and other useful resources. believes in accessibility as well as expertise. We work with families to build competitively-priced advising packages. We also offer free advising through our Scholars program, a yearly initiative that provides approximately 80+ students with demonstrated financial need free access to college advising.
We understand that finances are a critical part of the college admissions process, and we are here to support you. has helped students secure $5 million (and counting!) in scholarship funding. Many of our advisors specialize in financial aid and scholarships and are recipients of well known scholarships like the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship. Our advisors draw on their own experiences to help students apply for scholarships, navigate financial aid packages, and more.
After you enroll, our Match Team reviews your intake forms to ensure that we match you with an advisor within a compatible time zone who aligns with your gender preferences and will bring unique insight to your priorities in college admissions. While we cannot guarantee that we can pair you with an advisor who attended your top school or studied your prospective major, we can ensure that your advisor will have helped students with interests and goals similar to yours. We encourage all students to meet with their assigned primary advisor for their kickoff call in order to learn more about how their background and experiences can help you!
Yes! We have several advisors who specialize in working with international students and understand the unique challenges and opportunities of applying to U.S. schools as a foreign student. Our advisor network spans across the world, which means that there will always be an advisor whose time zone works for you. Line, a student from Norway, talks about her admissions journey and acceptance to Rice University here.
We work hard to match each student with the advisor best suited to their needs. However, we do offer all clients the opportunity to request a re-match if their advisor does not meet their expectations.
Our students have gained admission to every Ivy League and Top 100 college and university and won in aggregate over $5 million in scholarship and merit aid. Please ask an Admissions Specialist for our client acceptance rates at specific colleges you may be interested in during your free consultation.