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University of Georgia

Hi! My name is Samantha, and I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s in History and a minor in Anthropology. After coming from a low-income background and working my way through college, I am proud to have graduated debt-free. During my time at UGA, I made sure to take advantage of all the on-campus opportunities I could find. I joined clubs that aligned with my interests and made lifelong connections. In addition to being in numerous clubs, I worked for the university in the campus bookstore and the university’s art museum. Working on campus made me feel like I was a part of a greater community, and it brought me great joy to welcome campus guests and share my love for the Bulldogs.

Post-graduation, I worked as an AmeriCorps College Adviser for underserved, low-income, and underrepresented student populations. As an adviser, I supported 1000+ high school juniors and seniors with college and career prep while individually advising over 600 students on the college admissions process. While working with students, I stressed the importance of college affordability as well as creating balanced college lists based on best match and fit. I assisted my students from the Class of 2022 in earning 27.1 million dollars in scholarships, so I love helping students secure funding to support their college endeavors. Impelled by my passion for college access, I am gearing up to start the Professional School Counseling master's program at my alma mater, and in the meantime, I am excited to be supporting students through the college admissions process!

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Duke University

As an advisor, my mentorship philosophy centers on understanding each student's unique journey and aspirations. I excel at listening and identifying the best-fit schools and programs through detailed research. My assistance extends to refining application essays and honing interview skills, ensuring students present their best selves. I believe in personalized guidance, fostering confidence and informed decision-making in each mentee, which has been key to helping many achieve their academic and professional goals.

University of California – Los Angeles

I graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to obtain a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computational Systems and Biology with a concentration in Dynamic Modeling. Before my time at UCLA, I attended community college at Mount San Antonio College (Mt.SAC) with an Associates of Science degree in Biology. During my time at Mt.SAC I was involved in several societies such as the computer science club, ACES, COPE Health Scholars, and the Honors Program. When transfer season came along, I frequently visited the transfer center and gathered advice from the honors center in getting advice on certain techniques and things to look out for when applying to several schools. From these sources I was able to nurture my experience and strengthen my background to transfer to a university of my choosing. Prior to CollegeAdvisor, I spent time researching at the UCLA MCDB Pellegrini Lab which specialized in epigenomic research. Within my major, the main issues we tackle are biological problems and solving them computationally. During my time as a student researcher, I had the opportunity to explore different fields of research, including bird speech signals, canine ancestry, coral reef restoration, and biomechanics, among others. Each student came from a different concentration, such as Bioinformatics, Biological Data Sciences, Biomedical Systems, NeuroSystems, and Systems Biology. Despite taking specialized courses, I had the opportunity to study and collaborate with individuals majoring in Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and other disciplines. I understand that the list of majors and titles can be overwhelming at times, and I hope to guide you throughout your application process to find your own major.

Apart from advising, I enjoy hiking, exercising at the gym and other niche hobbies like building mechanical keyboards.

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cal poly pomona
University of Southern California

I recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. I stayed at USC to complete my Masters of Science in Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering with a Product Development focus through the Progressive Degree Program that allowed me to overlap my B.S. and M.S. programs. While at USC for both degrees, I was a full-tuition scholarship Trustee Scholar, a USC Viterbi School of Engineering Merit Research Fellow, and a member of the W.V.T Rusch Engineering Honors Program. My favorite activities outside of classes were my research fellowship where I worked on design validation testing of a force sensing glove for interface with a wearable orthotic robot arm, my volunteer work with the Science Outreach club teaching science curriculum to low income elementary schools in central LA, and my leadership roles on the executive board for the Women in Engineering organization. During my time at USC, I served as an advisor in multiple mentorship programs where I guided underclassmen students in strategic course selection, applying to research positions and summer internships, selecting extracurriculars for skill development, and overall adapting to college life. In my present full-time career, I work on the college student summer intern recruitment team - allowing me the opportunity to return to target university campuses to develop and identify star engineering student talent to recruit for co-op and intern programs. In this role I mentor students going through the internship application process on their resumes, interview skills, networking basics, and overall career advising. These experiences have helped me to hone the ability to discern the distinctive qualities of every student, enabling me to guide them in showcasing their unique strengths and potential within their applications. I have worked with students who major in Engineering, Pre-Med and Health Professions, Science and Biology, Computer Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Business, and any other major looking to connect their work to the STEM fields. My purpose as an advisor is to help students select the correct educational path for their futures and use that motivation to highlight to colleges why they will be an outstanding addition to any academic program. I strive to help every student and family find a program that will not only provide the academic rigor and extracurricular activities that they desire, but also the community and foundation as a young adult that will set them up for an outstanding future. I experienced the stress of helping a loved one through college applications while supporting my sister applying mid-pandemic, and my mission as an advisor is to be the extra set of eyes and ears to identify key facets of every program to find the best fit for every student. I am currently working as a Research & Development Biomedical Engineer at a cardiovascular medical device company based in Southern California, currently leading a global project team developing a novel minimally invasive device to treat failing heart valves. I love having a role that pushes my technical knowledge as an engineer and my connections to others through the cross-functional nature of medical device development. Outside of my career, I enjoy playing competitive roller derby, learning new crafting skills, baking treats to spoil my friends with, and exploring the beautiful state of California.

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Hamilton College

I have specifically advised students going through the Questbridge application process. Questbridge is a non-profit organization that aims to provide full-ride scholarships to low-income, high-achieving students. Specifically, Questbridge aims to provide students with the opportunity to attend prestigious universities and colleges across the country. As a Questbridge scholar myself, I am very knowledgeable about the application and admissions process. I have also advised students applying to schools through the common app. I applied to over fifteen universities for undergrad and underwent several college interviews. I'm very familiar with the college admissions process and am currently a double STEM major in my third year of undergrad.

Hi! My name is Maegen Dillon. I received my Bachelor's in Fine Art and Human Development from Connecticut College. I worked with the Connecticut College Admissions Office as an Experience Panelist as well as a First-Year student Advisor and Student Athletic Advisor. I currently work for an Art Advisory Firm based in San Fransisco and work closely with galleries and artists in the US and UK. I am excited to learn more about your creative process as we put together your artist portfolio for your applications.

Yale University

Originally from Delaware, Sophia attended Yale University, where she was a Global Health Scholar and studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Her research interests span health activism and social movements, DNA damage repair and metabolism in cancer, and bridging the gap between medical and mental health care. Sophia is currently staying in New Haven to complete her research projects before attending medical school. Sophia has extensive formal experience tutoring K–12 mathematics as well as English language and literature for intermediate non-native speakers. She also has worked with peers preparing for the SAT and MCAT. Beyond teaching, Sophia has successfully guided students preparing for the college admissions process, with a particular focus on essay review and revision. Her other strengths include biology, chemistry, and creative and expository writing. She is eager to guide students toward achieving their academic and career goals. In her free time, Sophia enjoys creating paintings and poems, running, and visiting bakeries and coffee shops in different cities.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

As a first-generation college student and a daughter of immigrant family, I had to navigate the college process on entirely on my own. I am eager to work with students in search of extra support as they embark on a pivotal moment in their journeys. I believe in encouraging students to embrace their creativity to highlight their strengths and their stories while marketing themselves to their schools of interest. As a Michigan graduate, I am a Wolverine at heart and embrace the title trailblazer in my work with high school students everyday.

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Duke University

A Duke honors grad with neuroscience training from Stanford, I help leaders thrive in our changing world. I started my career in global education over a decade ago and have been publicly recognized by Melinda Gates and 4x NYT bestselling author Marianne Williamson for my work in education and whole-person development. My training, knowledge, and professional experience across marketing, education, and coaching make me a highly insightful, innovative, and integrative college advisor. Prior to CollegeAdvisor, I worked as an advisor in a small college advising firm, working with over 20 students on a team of advisors. Our students received admissions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, Duke, Dartmouth, Berkeley, and MIT. I was lucky to learn the ropes from former Stanford admissions directors; entrusted with each student's applications and resumes, I realized I had a talent for showing what was unique about each student. I have become a sought-after essay advisor since. I help students get an edge in college admissions while enjoying the process and growing as a person. My students note how I help them succeed as themselves rather than striving for someone else's notion of "success" at their own long-term expense. This means that I work best with families who are interested in helping their student discover and unfold their whole selves and willing to do the challenging inner work that can entail. I'm interested in what makes you different! Fun fact: I have been fortunate to continue my involvement in higher education long after graduating. I have spoken at Duke, NYU, and Harvard conferences, served as a staff and alum career coach at UC Berkeley and Duke University, and am also a fractional executive coach to higher education professionals. These engagements give me another view into colleges and their evolving priorities. As an advisor, I am energetic, insightful, compassionate, entertaining, and rigorous. If you are willing to be seen, heard, challenged, and emboldened through the college application process, then you've found the right person. I hope I will shape your experience to be one where you can reach your goals, find your place in the world, and honor your humanity and inherent value.

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Northwestern University

I'm a proud Wildcat, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University. While at NU, I was a tour guide, and found a passion for helping students through the college application process. As an honors English student, I also worked as an essay tutor for other students on campus. Since graduation, I have several years of experience guiding high school students through the college application cycle. Prior to my time with CollegeAdvisor, I've worked as a 1-on-1 tutor in test preparation, teaching the SAT, ACT, and AP tests. I also worked with a specialized firm that helps international students through brainstorming, writing, and refining CommonApp and school-specific supplemental essays. In both of those positions, I gained specialized experience in multiple aspects of the college application process. My students in both of these areas have gone on to Ivies and Top 20 schools. I'm passionate about getting to know a student beyond the numbers and helping them find the place that will allow them to grow and thrive. I remember all too well how stressful the application process can be, and it's important to me to always let the student's passions, goals, and hopes lead our process. Outside of CollegeAdvisor, I work in the arts as a director and literary manager for theatre. I'm passionate about storytelling and using words effectively to communicate, and I bring those loves with me to college advising.

University of Texas – Austin

Hello! My name is Michelle Adebisi and I am excited to meet your advising needs. I received a Civil Engineering Degree, but I work as a Sales Engineer in the Electrical Engineering field. My previous work experiences have been in Land Development, Utilities Engineering, Roadway Design, and Oil and Gas. My advising experience started with serving as an incoming freshman orientation advisor at the University of Texas at Austin. I provided one-on-one advising sessions with incoming freshmen and discussed class schedules, major selection, student organizations, and orientation participation. I also prepared students for internship and full-time job interviews and edited their resumes and cover letters. As a second-generation college student, I am very passionate about helping students who do not have the resources they need to feel supported in their college application process. I have helped family and friends gain acceptance and enroll as a students in colleges like the University of Texas at Austin by reviewing their college essays and directing them to financial aid opportunities. I am also an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers (Life Long Member). I planned several community service events, professional networking socials, and professional development events with key industry speakers. My focus was spreading awareness of college scholarships and financial aid opportunities to underserved communities and inspiring more women to be in the STEM field.

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Hey y'all! As an avid reader, I've always appreciated the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and change lives for the better. As a college advisor, I love helping students craft their stories into compelling, clear, and personal essays for college applications! During college, I studied animal behavior and English literature. I also worked as a writing tutor, assisting students and professors at all stages of the writing process. After college, I worked as an Americorps College Adviser where I assisted over 214 students and families during every part of the college application process. Many of my students pursued career paths in the medical field, from nursing and physical therapy to respiratory therapy and pre-med. While the majority of the students I worked with pursued a 4-year degree, I also assisted many students and their families through alternative, and just as viable paths, including the military, trade schools, and community colleges! I look forward to helping you continue your story and pursue further education after high school! Outside of my advising role, I am an aspiring filmmaker, writing screenplays, filming, and working on film sets.

Johns Hopkins University

Hi! I'm Katalina and I am a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where I studied Psychology, as well as Marketing & Communications, Entrepreneurship & Management, on the pre-medical track. A little bit about me… I'm originally from the NY/NJ area but have recently moved to the South. I love basketball and music; I played basketball very competitively for most of my life. I also play piano and guitar and love songwriting in my free time. I am very passionate about higher-education accessibility for all that are interested and want the opportunity to continue their education. For that, I am very grateful to be given the opportunity by to be able to share my experiences and knowledge I have gained about college and the admissions process. It can be very overwhelming, and I want to be that guiding hand that can help you find the school that is a perfect fit for your aspirations. In my experience, I found that the college application process is a job within itself. It is a hard and challenging process. During my undergraduate years I helped many students informally with their applications, whether I was simply offering guidance or helping read over essays. In my freshman year, I participated in Blue Key Society at my school as a tour guide and "coffee chat representative", where I helped students gain a better understanding of Hopkins and what everyday life was like. I was able to connect with prospective students through various visiting days, where I offered 1-on-1 guidance. This is where my passion and drive for helping students began to blossom, as I realized I was not alone in my experience of finding the application process daunting. My goal in my advisory role is to provide a personalized application experience, with an empathetic and open mindset, by fostering a collaborative relationship, tailoring my guidance to suit individual strengths, aspirations, and unique qualities. I want to tell your story and help you show the admissions officers what makes you, you! Whether it's crafting compelling personal statements, strategizing application approaches, or providing insights into college life, I'm committed to being a supportive and knowledgable resource. The decision to apply to college is an important decision and has the ability to have a profound impact on your future. I am motivated by the opportunity to make higher education accessible to all passionate individuals who aspire to broaden their horizons. I want you to succeed, and will do my best to help you find the school that is best for you.

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I recently graduate Dean's List from Brandeis University with a BA in Public Health and African-American studies. During my time at Brandeis I was heavily involved in Jewish life, research, orientation programming, and community service initiatives. I worked with students of all ages in the local school district. After graduating I took a role at Big Brothers Big Sisters running a mentoring program for high schoolers. The program focused on building meaningful relationships with an emphasis on college and career readiness. I created programming to guide students on making college lists and thinking about areas of study. This experience emphasized the importance of relationship in building when making big decisions- like college planning. I then went on to spend the next few years working as an Admission Counselor at Brandeis University followed by Olin College of Engineering. In these roles I was able to guide prospective students and applicants though the application process and beyond. I would advise students on essay topics and the extracurriculars section, offering guidance on how to make their application represent them the best. I gained an understanding of the entire admission process from beginning to end, seeing the areas where students can shine most. This experience could be stressful for some students but continuing to communicate with one another made all the difference. I now work as a Client Success Manager at a remote software company guiding our clients on best practices and troubleshooting the product. I love being able to guide and teach people everyday and I'm excited to continue that journey here. When not working at the computer, you can find me cooking, playing tennis, reading or going for a long walk.

Joshua Ford attended UNC-Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar in the Honors Program. Upon graduating, he received a Fulbright scholarship to study entrepreneurship in Mexico. He spent several years as a management consultant before moving to startups. He previously worked for Candid and Uber before becoming the CEO & Founder of HipTrain. HipTrain was acquired by FORME which Joshua helped bring public on the NASDAQ exchange in April 2023. He now serves as the Global Head of Redesign Health.

University of Texas – Austin

As a seasoned college advisor, I bring 3 years of experience guiding students toward their academic and professional goals. My expertise lies in helping individuals navigate the complex college admissions process with a focus on personalized strategies that align with each student's unique strengths and aspirations.

Key Highlights:

🔍 In-Depth Admissions Knowledge: I stay updated on the current trends and prerequisites in college admissions, ensuring my clients receive timely and pertinent guidance.

🌟 Proven Track Record: Over the years, I have successfully assisted numerous students in gaining admission to their dream schools. My approach combines a deep understanding of academic requirements with a keen insight into each student's passions, resulting in tailored and impactful applications.

🤝 Personalized Guidance: I believe in fostering strong, one-on-one relationships with my clients. By getting to know each student on a personal level, I can provide targeted guidance that goes beyond mere academic advice. I am committed to helping students discover their strengths and develop a clear roadmap for achieving their academic and career aspirations.

💡 Holistic Approach: Recognizing that the college journey is not just about academics, I offer holistic support that encompasses personal development, goal setting, and life skills. My goal is to empower students to thrive not only in their academic pursuits but also in all facets of their lives.

🚀 Passion for Empowering Futures: What drives me is the belief that every student has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Witnessing their growth and success fuels my passion for this work. I am dedicated to empowering each student to take charge of their future and reach heights they may not have thought possible.

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My name is Idylla Louis and I will be your advisor. I currently hold my Bachelor's Degree from Providence College and my Master's from Harvard University. Beyond that I have over 5 years' experience in mentoring high school students. My career in education and mentorship began in my undergraduate year with programs at my university that allowed me to connect with students looking for extracurricular opportunities and since then have followed me until my post graduate years. Since receiving my Master's I have pivoted to private sector work, specifically in Private Banking. I have also been working more freely as an educational consultant for k-12 students.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Hello! My name is Heidi McClure and I have spent the last 18 years as a School Counselor, supporting students in grades 6-12. Much of my experience has been as a High School Counselor and College and Career Coordinator, helping students identify and pursue their goals beyond high school. Helping students find, apply, and get into schools that are a great fit for their academic and personal profile has always been my favorite part of my job. I am passionate about supporting students to both identify the best fitting colleges and craft their application story to gain admittance to the school(s) of their choice. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Colorado College and hold dual master’s degrees, in School Counseling and School Administration, as well as a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. In addition to having experienced the benefits of both a small, liberal arts college, and a large public university for my own education, I have had the opportunity to visit many colleges both in the United States and abroad. As a result, I am knowledgeable about a wide array of post-secondary opportunities and their application processes. During my time as a School Counselor, I have advised thousands of students through the college search, selection, and application process. I have also had the opportunity to forge relationships with several College Admissions representatives from whom I have gleaned valuable insight about the college admission process. I enjoy being able to share these insights with the students and families that I work with to help as we craft an application strategy. The most important part of the advising process, for me, is ensuring that each student’s unique lived experience is told through the various application components that they submit. As an advisor, I feel successful when a student looks at their application package and sees their voice amplified and their story captured within it. With the increasing complexity of the college admissions and application landscape, the experience that I bring helping students navigate not only the Common Application, but the Coalition, University of California, QuestBridge, and UCAS applications, as well as Apply Texas, ensure students will receive tailored support no matter what schools they ultimately apply to. I recognize that each student has a unique application journey, and I am thrilled to partner with students and their families to understand and applaud the work that you’ve already put in, while crafting a plan and strategy that will help you get where you want to go. It is this level of personalization and my commitment to each student I work with that has helped the students I’ve worked with see extraordinary admissions results. Some of the schools that students I have recently worked with have been accepted to include Princeton, Rice, NYU, Colorado College, Wellesley, Scripps, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Stanford, and Washington University in St. Louis.

I look forward to getting to know your students and supporting you throughout the college application process!

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Hello, my name is Hattie, I am a U.S. Rhodes Scholar and I recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a master’s in politics (comparative government). Before attending Oxford, I graduated summa cum laude from South Dakota State University in 2021 with bachelor’s degrees in political science, global studies, and Spanish, where I was a Fishback Honors College Scholar and received a full scholarship. I also previously served as a fellow to the Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellowship at Princeton University, the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship in Jordan, and the U.S. Department of State National Security Language Initiative for Youth Program in Morocco. I possess extensive experience as an academic, admissions, scholarship, and career advisor to students. Previously, I advised students applying for national scholarship opportunities such as the Truman, Rhodes, Gilman, and Marshall scholarships. I provided these students with personal statement advice, application editing, objective setting, and interview guidance. During my undergraduate studies, I also served as a peer advisor to first- and second-year students where I supported 50+ students a year in realizing their education and career objectives. Finally, I am a committed peer educator and I hold extensive experience tutoring undergraduate students in Arabic, Spanish, English, statistics, research methods, and other areas within the social sciences. My mission while advising is to help students tell their unique stories and achieve their personal goals. I understand that the college admissions process can be challenging to navigate, and I bring a supportive, adaptable, and optimistic mindset to guide students and their families on the college journey. I am currently working in Geneva while studying for the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT). My love for international affairs and politics began back home where I was active with the South Dakota World Affairs Council. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, sewing, robotics, reading, and spending time with friends.

University of California – Berkeley

I am a proud former first-generation college student who is now a first-generation professional. I have 6+ years of professional experience working with students and their families to navigate the higher education system. I recently (within the last 5 years) obtained a master's degree in education with an emphasis in Student Affairs from UCLA. I attended University of California, Berkeley for my undergraduate education and my major was Psychology with a minor in Chicano Studies. My passion is to assist students and their families on their higher education journey. A skill I feel I have while working with students is truly listening to their wants and needs and adapting my advising from there. I approach my work by honoring my students' lived experiences. On a one-on-one basis I’ve assisted with creating college school lists, academic road mapping, how to choose and change a major, financial aid, and career prep. Outside of student affairs I enjoy reading, cycling, and spending time with my family and friends.

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Johns Hopkins University

Hi everyone! My name is Anya and I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in Leadership Studies. At Hopkins, I was on the varsity women's tennis team, president of my acapella group, and co-president of the student-athlete advisory committee. Additionally, I was a chair in the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference, a sorority sister in Alpha Phi, and in honor societies including the Order of Omega and TriBeta National Biology Honor Society. Finally, I was involved in biomedical research and heavily invested in the college careers of over 50 freshmen as a teaching assistant in courses including introductory chemistry, chemistry lab, and oral presentations. In these positions, I have had the privilege of engaging with students from diverse backgrounds, each with ambitious goals and compelling personal narratives. Having gone through athletic recruitment and both college and medical school applications, I hold a deep appreciation for mentorship and the means through which it facilitates an easier navigation of a convoluted application process. I am so excited to meet our enthusiastic students, help them conquer college applications, and see them achieve their goals!