We've got you covered. 300+ live and recorded webinars on critical parts of the college application process. Sessions run by former admissions officers, top alumni, and students from Ivy League and T-50 US colleges.

College Webinars: Introduction & Overview

Looking for college application advice? Our college webinars and college videos provide exclusive insight into the college application process—direct from our experts and former college admissions officers. Whether you’re looking for merit scholarship webinars, Ivy League webinars, or other college admissions webinars, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking for college application advice, CollegeAdvisor.com has a library of over 300 free college admissions webinars on all aspects of the process. Each webinar for college admissions features exclusive advice from our team. 

With presenters including Stanford alumni, Brown alumni, NYU alumni, and other college alumni from top schools—including former college admissions officers—our college admissions webinars offer exclusive college admissions insights for students from all backgrounds. Hear directly from former college admissions officers and current students during informational college webinars, Q&A sessions, and workshops. 

What is a college webinar?

A college webinar is a webinar, often led by college alumni and/or college admissions officers, that relates to college admissions. Some college webinars might be sponsored by particular schools and led by their college admissions officers. Other college webinars discuss the college admissions process in more general terms. 

 At CollegeAdvisor, our free college webinars cover a vast array of topics. These include Ivy League webinars, merit scholarship webinars, other college scholarship webinars, personal statement videos, and more. If you’re seeking college application advice, you might benefit from a webinar for college admissions assistance. 

College webinars and college videos are great ways to hear directly from alumni and current students. In our free college webinars, you can hear from college alumni about specific majors and fields. You can also access expert college admissions assistance, including tips on how to build your college list, receive financial aid for college,  or write your college essays. Our college webinars also feature panels with former admissions officers, Ivy League alumni, and other experts. 

An Orientation to CollegeAdvisor’s Library of Webinars

Looking for a webinar for college admissions? We’ve got you covered. Our free college webinars span across every topic related to the application process. 

Whether you want to watch a college webinar for parents, a college list webinar, or any other webinar for college, we have a webinar for college that fits your needs. With over 300 webinars in our library, our free college webinars deliver college admissions assistance to students across the nation. 

In each webinar, members of our team offer exclusive college application advice. Our experts include former college admissions officers, UPenn alumni, Yale alumni, Duke alumni, and many more. You can either watch recorded college webinars from our library or join live—with new webinars each week, there’s always something new to learn. 

Each of our college admissions webinars is 60 minutes long and includes a Q&A portion. Every recorded webinar for college is available for free at app.collegeadvisor.com/webinars. If you register for a live webinar for college admissions assistance, you’ll receive a link to join. Once you log on, you can engage with the presentations and ask live questions. 

There are new college webinars every week, always at 8pm ET/7pm CT. If you aren’t able to make the live webinar for college, you can always refer back to our library of countless webinars for college application advice. There are many types of college webinars.

At CollegeAdvisor.com, our webinars fall into the following categories:

  • College Webinars for Parents
  • Admissions & Applications Webinars
  • College Resume & Extracurriculars Webinars
  • College Majors Webinars
  • Financial Aid for College & College Scholarship Webinars
  • College Panels
  • Crafting a College List

As you plan your application strategy, some pieces of college application advice will be more relevant than others. Our library of college webinars has college resources for every step of the way. A webinar for college major exploration might make more sense during your junior year, while a personal statement video will be more helpful during the summer before your senior year. 

Depending on your needs, some college webinars may be more helpful than others. Many college webinars you’ll encounter are hosted by college admissions officers from a particular school and sponsored by specific admissions offices. This kind of college webinar can be helpful as you learn more about the schools on your list, programs at a school, or particular admissions requirements. 

College webinars hosted by universities could include a college video tour and information session. This can be helpful if you are unable to visit campus in person. However, college webinars led by college admissions officers may not help you compare different schools and degree programs. They also won’t cover many broader topics related to college admissions. Instead, college webinars hosted by college admissions officers are geared toward convincing you to apply. 

College admissions webinars like our college webinars at CollegeAdvisor.com, by contrast, are not led by college admissions officers at particular schools. Instead, they are led by college alumni and former college admissions officers from top schools. These college webinars can offer a more objective view of the admissions process. They can also offer more targeted college application advice on everything from college majors and your college list to financial aid for college and personal statement videos.

CollegeAdvisor Webinars: How to take advantage of college resources like these

So, how can college webinars help you in the application process? College webinars can help you navigate many aspects of college admissions. 

Our college webinars can help you:

  1. Learn more about the schools on your college list. Whether you’re just starting to build your college list or researching how to write supplemental essays for the schools on your final college list, college admissions webinars are useful. College video tours can also help you learn about a school’s campus environment. On our website, you can hear directly from Notre Dame alumni, Georgetown alumni, and former college admissions officers in our college panels, webinars about college majors, and merit scholarship webinars.
  2. Understand how the college admissions process works. Before you can dive into a webinar for college resume writing or a personal statement video workshop, you must first learn about the process as a whole. The sooner you understand the process, the better your final applications will be. Much of the stress surrounding college admissions comes from a lack of information. So, our webinar library is the perfect place to go to get your questions answered. 
  3. Access useful college application advice. College webinars are one of the best ways to access college resources. CollegeAdvisor’s library includes Ivy League webinars, college scholarship webinars, and webinars about financial aid for college, among others. Be sure to take advantage of this free resource!

College Alumni & College Panel Webinars

College webinars can help you connect with—and learn from—college alumni from top schools. Our webinar presenters are either current students, college alumni, or former admissions officers eager to share their firsthand experience with you in a variety of college webinars. 

Current and former students are an essential resource when completing your applications. Our college webinar library includes a “My Admissions Journey” series which features college alumni from top schools. Through our college webinars, you can learn about the admissions journeys of Yale alumni, Stanford alumni, and many other college alumni. We’ll discuss our alumni-led college webinars in more detail later in this article. 

Types of College Webinars

With hundreds of webinars to choose from, you might not know where to start in the CollegeAdvisor library. 

To help you find a webinar for college admissions that fits your needs, we’ve sorted our college webinars into seven categories. Later, we’ll break down the specific kinds of college admissions assistance you can find in each category. 

Each of our college resources meets a unique need and has a target audience. If you’re a student, you may be looking for Ivy League webinars. Families, on the other hand, might be looking for a college webinar for parents. Whether you’re a freshman still exploring options or a senior writing scholarship essays, you can find a webinar for college that will help you maximize your admissions odds.

College Webinar for Parents

Parents play an important role in the college application process for many students. By watching a college webinar for parents, you will be better equipped to help your high schooler apply to college. No matter your background, we have a college webinar for parents that fits your needs. Each college webinar for parents highlights an important element, from application requirements to standardized testing. Check out one college webinar for parents below (or all three)! 

Admissions & Applications Webinars

This section is a great place to access college admissions assistance. Each webinar for college will focus on a different topic within this category; for example, some focus on the college interview, while others focus on recommendation letters or types of deadlines. This category also includes personal statement video tutorials. Former admissions officers host many of these college webinars. They provide key insights to help make your application stand out. Below, you’ll find three top college webinars from this category.

College Resume & Extracurriculars Webinars

In your college applications, you’ll discuss how you’ve spent your time outside of your academic courses. So, you’ll need to learn how to represent your extracurriculars on your applications and discuss how you made an impact. That’s where these college webinars come in.  A webinar for college application activity lists can help you determine which activities to choose and how to discuss your accomplishments. See below for three webinars to watch.

College Majors Webinars

Trying to choose a college major? A webinar for college might help. Whether you are considering majoring in engineering or determined to major in finance, our “College Major Deep Dive” college video series has something to offer. Even if you have a plan, know that it may change once you discover new areas of study and career paths. These college resources highlight alumni from top schools. In each of these webinars, you will learn how to decide between college majors if you haven’t already and how to tailor your applications to your major. Start with the three webinars listed below!

Financial Aid for College & College Scholarship Webinars

Looking for a college scholarship webinar? Watching webinars about financial aid for college is an essential step for all applicants, whether you explore merit scholarship webinars or need-based scholarship webinars. Even if you don’t end up applying for financial aid, you should still learn about the process. You may be surprised by a school that tries to persuade you to attend with a generous aid package. Each webinar for college provides key college admissions assistance. This can help you understand the financial aid process, complete financial aid paperwork, and learn how to find the best scholarships for you. Watch these three webinars to start.

College Panels

Want to watch an Ivy League webinar? In this section, each webinar for college is led by a panel of current students and college alumni from top schools. You’ll benefit from invaluable college admissions assistance as you learn insider tips for creating the strongest applications. No one can teach you more about the colleges on your list than current and former students! Discover what a day in the life is like from Duke alumni, Georgetown alumni, Stanford alumni, NYU alumni, and other top college alumni. Watching an Ivy League webinar—or several—provides the details and specifics that you will need to create a detailed and successful application. Get started with one webinar for college linked below.

Crafting a College List

As you build your college list, college admissions assistance is key. This section features college webinars that will help you build a balanced college list tailored to your needs. In each webinar for college listed below, you’ll learn about an essential stage in the college list process. First, learn about the differences between liberal arts colleges and research universities. Then, watch a webinar for college about matching your interests with each school’s programs. Finally, watch our college webinar to help you finalize your school list to 12-15 universities with varying selectivity.

Alumni Resources

Do you want to hear from Duke alumni? UPenn alumni? NYU alumni? Georgetown alumni? Brown alumni? Or Notre Dame alumni? CollegeAdvisor has a library full of webinars where you can learn more from college alumni at each of the top schools across the country. 

Most students will only apply to undergraduate college once, so it’s important to give your applications your best effort. One way to build the strongest applications is to learn from others who got into top schools. If you’re aiming to get into UPenn, webinars by UPenn alumni will be extremely helpful. If you’re applying Early Decision to Brown, attend a college panel of Brown alumni. No matter which webinar for college that you choose to start with, you’ll learn exclusive tips and information. 

Check out the following webinars from college alumni: 

College alumni webinars are one of the best ways to learn about what life is actually like at the schools on your college list. Who better to describe a day in the life of a Blue Devil than Duke alumni? No one can do a better job describing what it’s like to be part of the Fighting Irish than Notre Dame alumni!

Always keep in mind that each person’s college experience is unique. Each student also has different priorities when looking for a school. The perspective of some Brown alumni could be much different than that of other Brown alumni. Additionally, the college majors of alumni can shape their views and experiences. Georgetown alumni from the McDonough School of Business and Notre Dame alumni from the Mendoza College of Business will have some viewpoints in common. However, you can learn more about the key differences between these programs in college webinars.

Though the specific admissions priorities of each college will vary, the insights from alumni in merit scholarship webinars or personal statement videos is applicable to nearly every applicant, whether it is shared by NYU alumni, Duke alumni, or Brown alumni. 

College alumni features!

So, who are some of the college alumni who host webinars? Whether you want to hear from Notre Dame alumni, Brown alumni, or Georgetown alumni, we have a webinar for college that meets your needs.. 

    • Shannon Kennedy: Shannon has over seven years of experience as a former Northwestern University admissions officer. She has helped students matriculate at the most selective institutions and a wide range of colleges across the country and internationally. She hosts webinars on topics ranging from Applying as a First Generation Student to a masterclass on College Interviews
    • Amber Lewis: Amber is an undergraduate Stanford alumni as well as a former admissions officer at Stanford. She hosts informative Q&A webinars to share her insider perspective on all aspects of the admissions process. She also helps organize the CollegeAdvisor Scholars Program, an excellent opportunity for for lower-income and first-generation students to get college advising support!
    • Angela Park-Pennington: Angela evaluated thousands of applications as a former admissions officer at USC and UC Berkeley. She has also evaluated applications from highly selective scholarship organizations like Questbridge. She has hosted webinars on Standardized Testing Trends (a college webinar for parents) and a College Major Deep Dive: Business and Finance
    • Mark Seamon: Mark is part of the Notre Dame alumni network, both as a student and former admissions officer. He is well-versed in the merit scholarship process and frequently hosts webinars for parents of high schoolers, such as Supporting Your Senior When Receiving Acceptances, Waitlists, and Rejections.

College Webinars & Resources: Additional Info

When you watch a webinar for college, you will gain exclusive admission insight from alumni and former admissions officers from top schools. In addition to our library of college webinars, you should also utilize the college resources that schools themselves publish. Webinars, podcasts, and other college videos from Duke alumni, Yale alumni,  Notre Dame alumni, Georgetown alumni, and UPenn alumni provide the inside perspective on top schools.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find many college resources online. These resources are often presented by college alumni. For example, on the Yale podcast by the admissions office, Yale alumni share their college experience and admissions officers detail how they evaluate prospective students. On the Yale podcast, you’ll hear directly from Yale alumni as they peel back the curtain on the admissions process.

Start with these Yale podcast episodes below: 

Stanford podcast episodes are also very informative. While the Stanford podcast does not revolve around college admissions, it can help you get a sense of research, academics, and life at Stanford. The Stanford podcast will be particularly helpful if you want to study business. The Stanford podcast is hosted by Stanford alumni or professors at the top of their fields. While the topics of the Stanford podcast do not directly relate to the admissions process, they provide information about the school itself that can help you write essays and decide whether to attend if accepted.

Listen to the following episodes from Stanford alumni and faculty to learn more: 

Many top schools have webinars and videos that feature college alumni, whether they are merit scholarship webinars from the admissions office, college scholarship webinars, or major-focused college webinars. If you want to hear directly from NYU alumni, Duke alumni, Georgetown alumni, or UPenn alumni, look on the school’s website or seek out other college videos such as those provided by CampusReel. 

CampusReel sources virtual campus tours from students at universities across the country. These informative tours are designed with a remote audience in mind. Virtually walk through campus with Yale alumni, NYU alumni, Stanford alumni, UPenn alumni, and other top college alumni. To get the most out of your tour—and all college webinars that you watch—take notes and evaluate the “fit” of the college with your specific needs and profile. 

List of college resources

College webinars aren’t the only way to access college admissions assistance. At CollegeAdvisor.com, we have a vast library of college resources to help you through the application process. 

These include:

  1. Essay guides: Learn from the experts how to write and revise essays that tell your story. 
  2. “How to get into” guides: Gather insider strategies for earning acceptance to top colleges.
  3. Resource & Article library: Find the answers to all of your questions, whether you’re wondering about college lists or high school classes.
  4. College search tool: Go to this central location to research and compare the schools on your list.
  5. Summer opportunities database: Find opportunities for the summer months to make you stand out.
  6. Advisors: Sign up for a package to work one-on-one with an advisor—nothing beats personalized college admissions support. 

College Webinars: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, CollegeAdvisor has a webinar for college that can help you succeed. We hope our college webinars help you as you prepare for the college application process. Plus, if you want more support, our team is here to help with personalized college admissions assistance.